Central Christian College of Kansas' music program encompasses the development of music skills (practical), music knowledge (theoretical), and music appreciation (historical) while embracing a Christian worldview for dynamic engagement with community and culture (convergence). The overarching goal is to develop excellent Christ-like musicians who, with servant attitudes, fulfill all academic requirements to obtain a college degree.

Whether you are an artist, a musician, or an actor, there are many opportunities at Central to pursue your artistic passions: ceramics, painting, drawing, graphic design, stained glass, songwriting, concert choir, jazz band, lab band, pep band, worship teams, theater, and more!
Central Christian College of Kansas is a four-year college affiliated with the
Free Methodist Church of North America that encourages students to maintain a productive Christ-centered lifestyle by building up what we call the Core Four: a fit heart, soul, mind, and strength.
Dr. Brett Janssen | Music Department Chair
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Home to a fully-functioning, professional-level recording studio available to students!
We provide over 50 opportunities each year for students to perform and show off their talent!
"The music department at CCCK has made a long-lasting effect on my life. God used my classmates and professors to foster self-discipline and spiritual maturity, priceless gems for this life and the next. I often thank my Maker for blessing me with such a special community in college, and one I will always miss."
Emily Epp (CC '20)
1200 S. Main St.
McPherson, KS 67460